Instrumental music is a universal language, and I believe the world needs more of it. Not specifically more jazz, more classical, new age or more epic pop/rock "symphonies". Just modern instrumental music created for a diverse, eclectic audience who enjoy the rich rhythmic and sonic diversity available to us today. As a lover of instrumental pop songs since I was a child, my singular passion is to create “Chamber Jazz Pop” music – a blend of electronica, jazz, pop/rock and an intimate chamber orchestra ensemble.

Attempting to be relevant to our modern busy lives, I prefer to write in a shorter "Songs Without Words" style - music of song length and form that can tell a story, evoke emotion, stimulate the intellect and create pictures in the mind, and all without a single word being uttered.

Felix Mendelssohn probably said it best - “Even if I had a particular word or words in mind, I would not tell anyone, because the same word means different things to different people. People usually complain that (instrumental) music is so ambiguous, and what they are supposed to think when they hear it is so unclear, while words are understood by everyone. But for me it is exactly the opposite...what the music I love expresses to me are thoughts not too indefinite for words, but rather too definite.”

And from Carlos Santana - “I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.”

On this site you'll find a mixture of my own work and some arrangements I've produced of classic, well known instrumental pieces. I sincerely hope they bring pleasure to your life.

Robert Cook Sier

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Guns and White Roses 

A musical poem about a serious and frequently tragic topic, the US Second Amendment.Available from the usual digital outlets in the next few days.


Noise on the Line 

A new year, new track - Chamber Jazz Pop with attitude?


Best wishes for a happy 2018 and thanks as always for your kind words and support.


Keep Walking 

Just letting you know my latest release is now live here. While it stays true to my Chamber Jazz Pop genre, 'Keep Walking' can be described as an instrumental tone poem - a reflection on the ups and downs of life and the struggle many people face on a daily basis. It will be available at the usual digital outlets in the next few days.


Thanks as always for your kind words and support!



My new track Bobblehead is now released here and will be available for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, Google and iTunes in coming days. This track has a deliberate retro funk blues edge to it (and features my beautiful new Fender Nashville Telecaster guitar!). It has been described as "the hideous love child of Eric Clapton and Quincy Jones" :-), I hope you enjoy it, and thanks as always for your continued support and kind words. RCS


My new track Memoriam is now live here and will be available for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, Google and iTunes in coming days. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks as always for your continued support and kind words. RCS

Best wishes for 2017! 

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their generous support and kind words through 2016, it means a lot. When I get a few more tracks completed and some funds available from music sales, I'll be producing some videos (exciting, can't wait!). The videos will feature an ensemble of 7 strings, 3 wind/brass players, 2 percussionists and 4 keyboards/ guitars performing this music live. At that point I'll re-record and re-release at least some of the tracks you hear on this site.

My first track of the new year is in progress and will be released in Feb. If you have a suggestion for any well known piece of music you'd like me to cover, please drop me a note on my Contact page. Wishing you much happiness, good health and success in 2017!



After much mandolin and guitar practice, my interpretation of Leonard Bernstein's iconic "America" from West Side Story is now live here. It will be released and available for purchase at the usual outlets in coming days. RCS


On to "America" 

My interpretation of Leonard Bernstein's iconic America from West Side Story is taking shape and due for release later this month - something a little different (I had to put in some practice on the guitar and mandolin for this one!). RCS

Passing Cars - now released 

My new track Passing Cars has been uploaded to this site today and will be progressively available from the retailers listed in the icons above (CD Baby first, and then the others). It will also appear on YouTube in due course where my other tracks are already available (here). I hope you enjoy it. RCS

Passing Cars - release date 11th July 

My next track Passing Cars will be released on 11th July. Thanks to everyone for the increase in visits here in recent weeks, it is really encouraging and very much appreciated. CD Baby have recently put my tracks up on Youtube, so please do visit here if you can spare a few minutes and help me get my view counts up. Thanks! RCS