Guns and White Roses

A musical poem about a serious and frequently tragic topic, the US Second Amendment.Available from the usual digital outlets in the next few days.


Noise on the Line

A new year, new track - Chamber Jazz Pop with attitude?


Best wishes for a happy 2018 and thanks as always for your kind words and support.


Keep Walking

Just letting you know my latest release is now live here. 'Keep Walking' can be described as an instrumental tone poem - a reflection on the ups and downs of life and the struggle many people face on a daily…

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My new track Bobblehead is now released here and will be available for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, Google and iTunes in coming days. This track has a deliberate retro funk blues edge to it (and features my beautiful new…

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My new track Memoriam is now live here and will be available for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, Google and iTunes in coming days. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks as always for your continued support and kind words…Read more

Best wishes for 2017!

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their generous support and kind words through 2016, it means a lot. When I get a few more tracks completed and some funds available from music sales, I'll be producing some videos…Read more


After much mandolin and guitar practice, my interpretation of Leonard Bernstein's iconic "America" from West Side Story is now live here. It will be released and available for purchase at the usual outlets in coming days. RCS


On to "America"

My interpretation of Leonard Bernstein's iconic America from West Side Story is taking shape and due for release later this month - something a little different (I had to put in some practice on the guitar and mandolin for this…Read more

Passing Cars - now released

My new track Passing Cars has been uploaded to this site today and will be progressively available from the retailers listed in the icons above (CD Baby first, and then the others). It will also appear on YouTube in due…Read more

Passing Cars - release date 11th July

My next track Passing Cars will be released on 11th July. Thanks to everyone for the increase in visits here in recent weeks, it is really encouraging and very much appreciated. CD Baby have recently put my tracks up on…Read more

What next?

At the moment I'm working on another original piece I've named "Passing Cars", due partly to its cruisy but rhythmic feel. Then I'm going to tackle my interpretation of the iconic "America" from Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story. My beloved…Read more


Westerdale has finally been released and added to the site here. An edgy orchestral jazz pop/rock track featuring the voice of Jenifer Thigpen (courtesy of 8dio Producitons). It should be available from CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes within…Read more